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⟶ Have an adventure. Like an Indiana Jones type of one.
⟶ Build a relationship from start to finish.
⟶ Have an OT3 — preferably with three separate players.
⟶ All the smut, essentially.
⟶ Take a very basic plot and turn it into an incredibly detailed storyline/world.
⟶ A meaty prose psl.
⟶ A spy AU, ala Alias or Nikita. I love the Sark/Sydney and Owen/Alex dynamics, even Michael/Nikita in early season one when he was hunting her and she was rogue.
⟶ Teacher/student, preferably in a university setting. I suppose this would be a kink thing for smut more or less, but I do like the forbidden attraction/relationship, just with less Ezra/Aria.
⟶ Porn star/call girl — ala Secret Diary of A Call Girl. Either it's the Ben/Hannah relationship or Belle/Client.
⟶ Time travel! In any way, shape or form! Someone travels back in time to save someone else's life; someone travels back in time to save someone's life but ends up returning to a future that's borked; someone being tossed into the future or past and needs to find their way back. It's all Back to the Future or The Time Traveller's Wife-inspired.
⟶ Apocalypse! I love this shit, like Shaun of the Dead where everyone turns into a zombie.
⟶ Some lame baby/pregnancy storyline. I would prefer to play the chick tbh.
⟶ A fairytale! This would probably work best if they were the characters and just inserted into the fairytale to see how well they'd cope with that storyline.
The Hunger Games — I like the arena a lot!
⟶ Ill-fated lovers. Take that as you will.
⟶ Witches! Dibs on the Piper Halliwell role rofl. But I love Charmed, Hocus Pocus, and Practical Magic.
⟶ Anastasia — a lost royal or heiress to the throne of something.
⟶ Something in the Community 'verse.
⟶ Fuck or die.
⟶ Something to do with my mirrors from [community profile] entranceway.
[community profile] zodion cards for kinks! Even submerging them into that world. I just like the idea of the cards for some reason.
⟶ Shoved into the world of Alice in Wonderland.
⟶ Develop an OC 'verse. They're from the same world and know each other. It'd be cool if it felt like a novel. Preferably with a bit of fantasy elements to make it richer, I guess?
Jumanji 'verse!
The Goonies.
⟶ A murder mystery where we throw red herrings and so much shit at them. Also would be cool to use RNG dice rolling to determine their fates and really fuck shit up.
⟶ Sharing memories/living those memories.
Terminator AU! Bellamy or Finnick as Kyle Reese; Katherine (with Nadia as John Connor) or Raven (who ends up still getting shot in the spine) as Sarah Connor. A reverse where Luke is Sarah Connor.

Alisha survives due to a power she bought from Seth and tries to hunt down someone with time travel so she can go and rewrite history.
Alisha from the future travels back in time to right Simon's wrongs.
Alisha reveals that it had either been true or false that she and Simon got together. They did, but not during their time at the community centre where they were only becoming friends. He slightly manipulated one of her alternate selves because when she Original Alisha died, he was devastated and wanted more time with her.
Allison doesn't die in Scott's arms — or at all. Even a resurrection plot, where someone brings her back at the expense of something and draws all these supernatural creatures they need to battle to Beacon Hills.
Azula saves herself — and someone else along the way out of the Forgetful Valley.
Bellamy becomes a rebel leader in the future, something like how Dean did in Supernatural when they leaped into the future and showed Sam as Lucifer.
Bellamy and Clarke basically fix what happened in season two, where he deals with the repercussions of not really being a co-leader.
Bellamy and his pimp bed.
Bellamy and Raven.
Bellamy and Octavia being Bellamy and Octavia.
Caroline and Stefan, an AU of the show from s3 onwards. She goes on a mission to bring Ripper!Stefan back and remind him of who he is.
Caroline and Stefan, a few decades into the future where they come together once more and finally get together.
Caroline uses Klaus' feelings for her to protect her friends.
Caroline and Klaus meet years from now. She's tired.
Clarke and Bellamy, in any way, shape or shippy form.
Clarke and Bellamy, a princess AU.
Clarke and Lexa, with the complications of Lexa's betrayal, Clarke not being a moron, and basically great f/f.
Cora, fill in the gaps of her history. This may work better with a post-3a exit.
Cora, an AU where she stays in 3b.
Cora, a 63!AU where she was always a boy.
Cora, a 63!AU where she's in Wonderland and she's turned into a boy (like the genderbend event).
Cordelia returns to Earth for a second chance and is someone's guardian angel.
Cordelia is given a second chance.
Cordelia and Angel. An AU where she doesn't get 'jacked, she comes back for a second chance, or she guides him and becomes corporeal. They get their moment!
Cordelia dies and is returned to Pylea where she's the ruler once more.
Finnick survives — this can include a baby or not.
Finnick, pre-THG. Preferably the year or so before the Quarter Quell.
Finnick and Annie, her Victory Tour onward. How did they get together?
Finnick and Johanna. Not necessarily shippy, but just them being Finnick and Jo.
Finnick and Katniss being Finnick and Katniss. Not necessarily shippy. Mockingjay moments, AU where he lives.
Isaac and Allison, done properly.
Jaime and Brienne!
Jess turning his life around and finding some great romance.
Katherine from the past! 1400s, 1864!
Katherine as a human — she goes to Elijah or Stefan as a human.
Katherine never dies or goes to hell.
Katherine becomes a vampire again.
Katherine raises Nadia.
Katherine and someone, she's his sire as he was in love with her when she turned him. This may work best with Damon or Stefan, but it can really be with anyone as it'd be an AU.
Katniss doesn't marry Peeta or stays with him romantically, but finds her soulmate in someone else. I usually prefer Gale, but am open for cross-canon!
Katniss and Peeta, a little more jaded and less perfect than how it is in canon (since I don't view it as particularly romantic on Katniss' side in the beginning).
Kol never quite dies. Someone resurrects him and he exacts his revenge upon his siblings and turns the tables of season three.
Logan and the blank space post-show pre-movie, where he fixes up his mess of a life.
Logan and Veronica, TV or film.
Luke is reborn and given a second chance.
Luke pissed off Apollo and is turned into a girl. He must complete a task or so to be able to break the curse. 63!AU.
Morgana when she brushed her hair, having a lover. This can be an AU where she doesn't descend into her isolation or it leads to her feeling alone as he is forced to abandon her or dies.
Octavia proves herself to be a warrior.
Piper gets better dick than what Leo has to offer.
Veronica and Logan, there I said it. Anything. They're epic.
Zuko, a general expansion on The Promise and The Search.
Zuko in a slow burn romantic relationship!
Zuko and Mai! Reunited in the graphic novels, in the moments offscreen in the novels, and in the future.

Alisha & Simon, Nathan, Curtis, Alex, Cross-canon.
Bellamy & Clarke, Raven, Cross-canon.
Caroline & Stefan, Klaus, Cross-canon.
Clarke & Bellamy.
Cora & Isaac, Jackson, Cross-canon.
Cordelia & Angel, Cross-canon.
Finnick & Annie, Cross-canon.
Isaac & Allison.
Jaime & Brienne, Cersei.
Katherine & Elijah, Stefan, Damon, Cross-canon.
Luke & Thalia, Calypso, Cross-canon.
Luke & Annabeth, unreciprocated.
Veronica & Logan.
Zuko & Mai, Toph, Katara, Cross-canon.

⟶ I just want a really good, meaty prose PSL where it reads like a book.
⟶ Long-term PSL where it isn't a stand alone or one thread. I love building a universe.
★ I have a preference for M/F and F/F.
★ I like slow burn romance.
★ Do smut.
★ Prose or action spam. Present or past tense. I do prefer tl;dr and not short, undescriptive tags.
★ Organic development. I do like the issues that crop up and throw our plans for a loop. Let characters be themselves.
★ Always good to start from Point A and build, like the beginning. But sometimes taking the story from a turning point in canon (or when the problem explodes) might give us something good to build on.